Monday, December 21, 2009

Begging for Blood: Why the Mau Tycoons should be roasted before compensated!

Somebody call back the execution committee! I am crying wolf! Call me back Ababu Namwamba and Bonnie Khalwale, our national prosecutors, and tell them we have an urgent job. We need to try and execute some idiots who have also taken us for fools. These imbeciles have decided that having stolen land in a water tower and sold the trees they found there, they would now want to be paid for their effort! Wolf! When the mathematics becomes a whooping two billion Kenya Shillings to be paid to these thugs, I become more than angry. I am infuriated! I am not in a position now, and never will be, to accept any situation where individuals, who through their high office allocated themselves provinces within the Mau Forest, will now be compensated with my money! I am begging for blood.

Hon. Ababu, please note that the immediate former president, whose foul after-taste our country has not been able to wash off, is now demanding more from the national coffers. We are already paying him over KSh 4 million every month and he now wants KSh 760 million relocation allowance! Hon. Khalwale, please note that the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Finance, one son of royalty, Mr. Uhuru Kenyatta is in on the scheme After fundraising a paltry KSh 5 million for the poor who have to-date not received a penny, he is now planning to use tax payers’ money to foot the KSh 2 billion bill.

Let me surprise you, these two fools are not without company. Joshua Kulei, Franklin Bett, Gideon Moi and Sammy Mwaita will share half a billion shillings! Don’t be fooled by those who will deny owning any property there, one Zakayo Cheruiyot has KSh 40 million riding on a successful campaign to have these hooligans compensated. He has vehemently denied owning even a single acre.

Ababu and Khalwale, you are the whistle blowers of this nation but I suspect that the Christmas festivities may have delayed your rapid response. Please resume your titles as discipline masters. Call your colleagues from holiday back to the August House and tell them we must act fast. Millions of Kenyans in Turkana, Pokot and the Coast are dying of hunger and a group of idiots are trying to stifle the country of 2 billion. Tread carefully as the country’s CEO may be an accomplice as well.

We are crying for instant justice. This Uhuru man escaped your hangman’s noose and he is now becoming too confident in the art of making billions disappear. We need you to take him, and his troop of tasteless comedians and place them at the center of Nyayo Stadium. Crucify them upside down then burn them at the stake. They are taking impunity to a whole new level. They want to rubbish the efforts of Kenyans behind Hon. Wangari Maathai and the Prime Minister to conserve the environment. They want to ridicule the relevance of 40 million Kenyans in making such a decision. Our National belief against impunity, against corruption and against environmental degradation has become a religion. These goons do not seem to believe it. They are heretics. Judge them harshly and let them burn.

As you arraign them, please include fellow idiots who have redirected funds meant for primary school education into their personal accounts. Include professors Karega Mutahi and his boss Sam Ongeri who have denied having stolen KSh 100 million for poor children. Let us also savour the smell of their burning flesh and let the smoke rising from the centre of the stadium send a message of stern warning to all the other fools hiding among the masses and planning similar heists. We will not have our central coffers treated as G4S vans! We protest the insult and we want the culprits punished.

We are begging for blood! Hurry and burn them at the stake!

The Tin Man.


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