Friday, January 15, 2010

Al Fools-all - Conception of a Religious War

Nairobi City was today turned into a war zone with running battles that lasted six hours! Bullets, teargas and mobs are however nothing new in Kenya. What made the 15th of January 2010 unique was the fact that the said chaos was utterly useless and perpetrated by a mob of fools with no justifiable cause for which to fight. I am having trouble keeping a clear stand on Muslims and their rights in this Christian Nation. I am impeded in my support for human rights due to my distaste for one un-domiciled prisoner of the state. I am further suspecting sadistic tendencies on my part because despite my open preference for peace and tranquility I secretly enjoyed the beating that the Kenya Police gave these marauding Friday worshipers. My reasoning is simple.

Kenyans have rioted for democracy, for freedom of expression, for the environment, against corruption and in many other ways helped achieve the little space we have as a nation. We are proud of it. We went over board in 2007 protesting an election and as a result, we are haunted by the deaths of 2000 family and friends. The subject of yesterday’s protest is one of the most trivial and I cannot see myself reconciled to the rights of a terrorist under any disguise. Hundreds, maybe a few thousands of Muslims caused extensive damage trying to coerce the government to release Al Faisal, akin to the shouts of “Release Barabas!” during the trial of Jesus Christ. Religion is a strange sense.

I wrote already on my blog, Arrested Development, on the merits and demerits of fighting for Al Faisal for the Muslim community - this especially coming toward a referendum to contest whether or not Kadhi’s Courts should be retained in the Constitution of Kenya. I will not belabor that. I want to resign as the self proclaimed advocate of the Muslims. It is a difficult job defending this great religion when goons are allowed to go berserk in the name of God and to destroy property holding portraits of a terrorist. It is clear that the IQ of a mob is lower that that of a cheap hair clip. Muslim Members of Parliament are also coming forward to scream an injustice for the persecution of a fellow Muslim. Hair Clips. So I am resigning on the basis of incompetence of my clients to obtain a judgement of innocence even under the most delinquent judge.

Today, as the pagan or atheist that I may be, I support the Christians in Kenya in coming out to restrain the imprudent proponents of Jihad. They joined the anti riot police to keep the riots within the Jamia Mosque. We have finally begun a religious war. The first shots have been very accurate – Muslims have shot themselves in the foot. As I am typing this, news is flowing in that these fools are still disrupting the peace within the city centre. Al Faisal is not Kenyan. Al Faisal is not a National interest. Al Faisal is a convicted terrorist supported by public terrorists. Al Fools-all! If the battle lines have been drawn, I stand with the Christians as far as this discussion is concerned. If it is difficult to take Al Faisal back to Jamaica, we can dump him somewhere in the Congo. If rebels do not shoot him, maybe he will be torn apart by some mountain Gorilla.
The Tin Man.


  1. Hey all

    1. you should ask yourself how this thing started, first he has a tourist visa and not allowed to give lectures, then he is branded a terrorist by the government ready for deportation only to be taken to inda what the hell is the airport police for, then he came through TZ they refuse to get him back how the hell did he land into their land first. All this is done to the interest of US. as we are still being told to do.

    2.He was invited in E.African countries to give lectures and an invitation letter was sent to the governments if he was on the watch list no country would have granted their visa for him to leave Kingston in the first place.

    3. if Faisal is a terrorist the Kenyan government would have handed him over to the various enforcements ie Interpol, CIA, FBI, MOSSAD and the rest why have they not done this they insist on deporting him. Kenya should have done this a long time ago.

    4. Kenya is a peaceful, free country with an option of free worship.

    5. to you all Faisal is not a terrorist. He just speaks his mind and has allot info on the world influential countries, @Doris think and reason freely some sense will get into you, @ Wanga i hope you have stopped getting annoyed, @ Wetende ass the government for risking its peoples life's and the public who Joined forces by disrupting a peaceful demonstration (remember in Kenya demonstrations always start peacefully until a canister is thrown at them giving looters a chance), @ victor His excellency Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete isn't a Muslim, @ Matto the joining of the forces shows how Muslims were offended by throwing at them stones showing that the people are rowdy towards a peaceful people. We have lived with the canon law which has its favors and compromises if it would have been in a shariah law state its always an eye for an eye if Faisal would have killed people he would have also been killed longtime ago, @ Dennis its not brotherhood its Religion and if you join a people you are one of them so don't mind the foolish leave them alone and those who joined the foolish in throwing stones they are also foolish, @ Zaq now that's branding what of those bombs found in Kenya those in possession were they Muslims, @ Nancy you are right we should ALL grow up and think straight.

    Lets all of us think and reason with our brains not hearts. Kumbukeni nyani haoni kundule huona la mwenziwe..

    Shaaban Salim

  2. Hi Shaaban,

    Thank you for your response in defense of your religion and your cause. Unfortunately, My acceptance of your defense for Al Faisal remains impeded. This is my response:

    1) If "this thing" started with mistakes by governments including that of Kenya, then I am glad we are now rectifying the mistake by not letting a dangerous man run loose. Our initial error does not justify further indulgence.

    2) Forgive the World's ignorance and oversight for allowing Al Faisal out of Jamaica in the first place. It is natural for humans to give the benefit of doubt until proven otherwise. We have been proven otherwise.

    3) There is no question as to whether Al Faisal is a terrorist or not. Kenya desires to hand him over to any Country, Continent or Planet that will accept him. So long as he is not allowed to sow seeds of hate in our beloved country. Do not use the fact that other anti-terror organisations are unwilling to take the risk in handling this terrorist against us.

    4) I agree. Kenya must retain its character as a place where freedom of worship is a sanctity. What we cannot allow is the camouflage of hate speech and fundamentalist teaching within the context of religion. Every man has a right to throw a fist, so long as another man's nose is not in the path of the swing.

    5) Osama speaks his mind. Is he not a terrorist. Zarqawi is a self proclaimed terrorist. Is he not a man of free speech? In fact, if he has "alot of info" why not speak out? Why attempt to cause strife and disrupt peace in Nations where his welcome is overstayed?

    On that note, I would like to hear your thoughts on Jihad vis a vis Terror and the Muslim justification for it.


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