Monday, January 4, 2010

Arrested Development – Why the Imams Need to Keep their Mouths Shut!

I never thought I would ever say this but I support the Police Spokesman, Dr. Eric Kiraithe’s position on the detention of an international Muslim cleric. I request that he passes my approval on to his boss the Police Commissioner, Mr. Iteere. I applaud you gentlemen. This time you have made the best of decisions for the sake of State Security to hold one vigilante in the name of Abdulla Al Faisal, a Sheikh known for his Muslim extremist teachings. The sheikh has not yet been taken to court but if there has ever been a time when I supported detention without trial, let today be that time. Keep the man behind bars lest Kenyans lose their lives in an attack akin to the 1997 bomb blast.

I am going farther and would like to take the opposite corner to Sheikh Mohammed Khalifa and one Nominated MP, Mohammed Noor who have come out fighting, claiming that Al Faisal has been arrested for the crime of being a Muslim! For these individuals I have only two words, “Shut Up!” Again, it makes me feel slightly hypocritical being the supporter of free speech that I am. I am a strong proponent of freedom of religion and freedom of expression but if you indulge me, maybe some of my vehemence will rub off on you.

Briefly, Sheikh Abdulla Al Faisal was arrested in Britain, tried and jailed for preaching alarming doctrines likely to sow hatred in society. He was tried, found guilty and jailed. In South Africa, he has been declared an unwelcome visitor. Persona non grata. These two nations have laws very similar to ours and I believe that had he been tried in Kenya, he would have been found similarly in guilt. Detaining him therefore is only a lodging service we are extending the international community. It is a security service to contain a ticking time bomb. I am comforted in my conclusions because this man is on the International Terror Watch list. If we are not to learn from the recent experiences the United States which escaped an airline attack from an Al Qaeda novice from Nigeria, then we would be fools! Furthermore, if our National memory lapses to an extent that we fail to honour the deaths of over two hundred Kenyan’s who lost their lives at Co-operative House in August of 2007, then we deserve any further attacks coming our way.

But let me justify this position legally. Given the wealth of information we seem to have, we were either kind enough or stupid enough, to have allowed this lunatic into Kenya. If he was banned from the United Kingdom and South Africa the only place he should have been heading is back to Jamaica where he is said to be domiciled. But fools as we were, at least we granted him only a tourist visa. It’s in our interest to keep the Mara occupied, you know. The conditions of this visa were that he would visit any of our attractive tourist destinations and spend his Al Qaeda money building our economy. The fine print was that he must not under any circumstance engage in his fiery brand Islamic preaching, sowing seeds of religious hatred and fundamentalism. This man spent not a single dollar and the only touring he did was of preaching at Coast Province mosques. That right there is called a breach of contract. We reserve the right to withdraw the benefit of doubt we had extended this lunatic. We deserve to arrest and detain him for being the beast we had imagined he is not. We reserve the right to hold him and commence proceedings to take him back to the land of Weed and Marley.

I spoke loudly in support of Sharia Law on my blog, A Lesson for Religious Bigots. I have redeemed myself as not being a hater of Islam. Far from it, I have affirmed myself as a supporter of peace and tranquility. A devotee of minority rights. I am going a step further to offer pieces of advice to the Islamic leaders fighting a self defeatist battle. The repercussions may not be evident to them because of their shortsightedness. In their quest to gain the support of a majority of Kenyans, who are Christians, for the Sharia Law’s inclusion in the Constitution they may not be serving the larger Muslim interest by publicly supported a known Muslim fundamentalist. Kenyans are living under the threat of Al Shabaab on our border with Somalia. We are also unnerved by news of Somali pirates and War Lords gaining economic clout in the country’s capital, Nairobi. It is increasingly difficult for Christians to trust your religion which is really not dangerous at all. It is individuals such as Osama Bin Laden and Al Faisal who give the citizens of this country sleepless nights. It is your clear support of an individual on the International Terror Watch List that is giving Christian religious leaders the burden of proof to prosecute your religion.

To all my Muslim readers, I regret that my stern position may seem unflattering to you, but I am unapologetic. I am no Christian. I am a peace loving Kenyan. Arise with the rest of the country to oppose the actions of such detractors as Al Faisal and misinformed leaders like Sheikh Khalifa and Hon. Noor. Fit them with zips that will keep their foul mouths from blabbering. They are soiling your religion’s reputation. You have the unfortunate disadvantage that all the terror attacks on our soil have been perpetrated by Muslims. Do not allow a few misguided individuals to misrepresent you to the rest of the Kenyans. Join me in speaking against Al Faisal. Remembering the loss we have already suffered on account of terrorists let us unite under the banner of peace and security. As a Nation, let us extend our unwavering support for Mr. Kiraithe and his boss Mr. Iteere.

If all else fails, I demand that the National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA) steps in. Instead of going round condemning entertainers on our public road service, they should bring their KSh 100,000 noise detectors to determine the decibels emitted by these lunatic supporters of hate. I put it to you that their statements amount to noise! Arrest them and deport the foreigner with a tourist visa. Then, you will really be employing our tax dollars effectively.

And while we are at it can we find some grounds for the Speaker of the National Assembly, Hon. Marende to throw out Hon. Noor so that we cease and desist from preferring titles of honor to any idiots!

The Tin Man.


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